Where has the Dad Rock Dad been?

You’ve probably noticed that this blog, for the most part, has gone dark figuratively and literally. If you know me personally or are up to date with my life through this blog, you could determine that the death of my father just over a year ago was pretty traumatic to my psyche. One of the casualties was this blog.

A big reason was because while my intent was to lighten the content of this blog, even prior to my dad getting sick, following his death that task felt impossible. I couldn’t see any way to map out the ride out of the tunnel to become a more PR-friendly dad blogger. The other reason was I just didn’t have the drive or the interest. I would look at this website or at its associated Instagram account and had no interest in working on it. This made me sad(der) as I was having a really good time writing these blog posts and learning a lot about aspects of myself through the process. Additionally, being able to be myself in an uncensored manner on social media that I cared about felt good. I had to put some things aside in order to not fail completely at being a father, a husband and an employee. I lost a lot of hustle and spark. To be honest, I’m still waiting for these things to return to their 2018 versions.

As the calendar ticked over to 2020, I had to choose to renew my WordPress account and URL. I decided that spending the money would help me commit to the Dad Rock Dad world. Just as I was compiling new article ideas, finishing old drafts that I still wanted to publish and working on ways to simplify this entire process, a dang diddly pandemic struck the entire planet ruining my plans. I watched the ‘importance’ of my ideas vanish and yet, I really wasn’t interested in adding my voice to the millions of other ones giving tips. I’m still not and to demonstrate my current uselessness as an information source, here’s my COVID-19 article headlines segue:

  • I Do Not Know How To Homeschool Anyone’s Kids
  • Starving Your Children; Maybe They’ll Do Schoolwork In Exchange For Meals
  • I Was Baking Bread Long Before The Pandemic, Poseur
  • Amazon Is Pure Evil, But I’m Too Scared To Go To The Pharmacy For Razors
  • My Favourite Musicians Are The Ones Not Playing Acoustic Sets In Their Posh Living Rooms
  • I Can’t Comprehend All These Deaths During This Time Of Massive Inconvenience
  • My Feelings Right Now Are Best Expressed By Mixing Every Colour Together To Create Off-Brown
  • Two Easy Ways To Try To Muster A Fuck. And Fail!
  • Cope With Your Existential Fears Through Buying Shit Online!
  • I Can’t Believe We’re Envying Preppers Right Now

See? It’s dark. You don’t want me writing pandemic articles right now.

This being said, I have another article to write in the next day or two that’s sorta a bit of a bummer but I will try to make it a bit fun or funny or happy.

I will try.

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Aron Harris

Dad blogger in Toronto who thinks he's funny. Digs: photography, music, veg food, cooking, writing and of course, my family.

3 thoughts on “Where has the Dad Rock Dad been?”

  1. If you believe that writing is a pathway to catharsis, then some part of you may have been saying you weren’t ready to heal. You may have needed the pain to connect, heal, and honour your Dad. So, here you are, which is saying something in itself. It’s a placeholder post. A wallet check. My blog turned 15 this year. no new content in the last 5. That’s ok. I still read and share it often. You’ve built something here. Everything is fine.


    1. Thanks, Ry. Not sure what it is but I knew that forcing it wouldn’t work. Here’s hoping this is the restart and I can write more here in the future. Thanks for reading


  2. I’m lying here lifeless on the couch reading your blog and it made me smile. In these black times that’s good enough for me.


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